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Saturday, February 20, 2010


When you work in the field that I do, you very quickly learn to DREAD paperwork! New medication? Paperwork. Two residents had an argument? Paperwork. Made a long distance telephone call? Paperwork. Resident picked their scab? Paperwork! ARGGG, it's really neverending. I can understand how some people might want to walk around with a blind eye after awhile.

Take this morning for instance; I had to fill out TWO pages of paperwork before 7am because a resident had a bruise. A BRUISE! If I had to fill out paperwork for every time that I had a bruise, I'd be a much larger contributer to global warming. This bruise was pretty extraordinary though. So large one couldn't possibly turn a blind eye towards it. Unless of course you're my oblivious coworker. The oblivious coworker who had supervised this resident's bath for the past FIVE days and failed to notice a bruise of this magnitude that has clearly been in various stages of fading for at least a few days now. Oye.

When is paperwork a more acceptable task? When it makes for a great story! Like earlier in the week when I had to write up a bunch of paperwork to address the issue of one resident giving another resident an unwanted lap dance in public. This is my life...

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