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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Morning sickness kicked my @$$ this morning! I've been feeling better and better lately and was hoping all this morning sickness stuff would be over with by the end of the first trimester (early next week), but no such luck. All week Pumpkin has been waking me at 7:30am for some pain and nausea and a wonderful inability to fall back to sleep. The worst part is though, that if I get woken earlier (like today at 6:15) the inability to sleep kicks in early and keeps me up til the 7:30 pain and nausea kicks in. Oye.

I've heard lots of different takes on how to deal with morning sickness, eating a banana or crackers before getting out of bed are the most popular, but they never work for me. I tried eating a banana, and threw it back up. I tried eating crackers, and had awful nausea and stomach pain. For awhile I could have a sip of juice and it would ease my nausea enough to get out of bed and get a yogurt drink for breakfast (couldn't handle any other foods or forms or yogurt for breakfast). But now, nothing helps. This morning I threw up a few sips of water. Sigh. My next plan is to try to elevate my upper body (an extra pillow) when I get woken at 7:30. That eventually helped me get back to sleep this morning without vomiting again.

On another note, Turkey Butt just told Adora that, "Mommy's pregnant! With a golden retriever!" That's right folks, we're getting another puppy. We're all very excited and have been waiting to get a puppy from this specific breeder since last Fall. Timing is a little iffy what with Turkey Butt expecting to get shipped off to Boot Camp any day now (and then being gone for 4 months). But I'll just have to get creative about dogsitters while I'm at work and it will give me an excuse to get out and exercise a few times a day - even if it is just a walk around the block. Anyway, the puppies are about 4 weeks old at the moment and are just opening their eyes. We're going down to visit them today! I'll put up photos of our newest princess as soon as I get some. Exciting exciting exciting.

And for anyone who's wondering how the wedding planning is going, my Mother and I went to a Bridal Showcase on the weekend. It wasn't overly relevant for me as most of my big ticket items are purchased but it was an interesting aspect of wedding planning just the same. Yesterday Turkey Butt and I went to a cake consultation. We taste tested some amazing cupcakes and laid out our plans for the wedding and groom's cake. I'm just waiting to hear from them on a price before I can check that one off the list. That being said, the quality was good, their ideas and creativity were amazing and their artistic ability to actually do what we want is above par. As long as it's under $200 I think we'll agree to it. Plus they're locak which saves us such a hassle. In other wedding news, I've ordered dress number two. The first one arrived and just wasn't at all what I was hoping for. Which ended up working out well since I'll be 8 months pregnant and too fat to fit into it at the wedding. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a really nice wrap wedding dress that will have lots of room for a belly of whatever size I may have. I'm really looking forward to wrapping and re-wrapping it to come up with the best style for my big day. Best of all, it cost even less than my first one so my dress budget is still under $300. Well, this is my life!

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