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Sunday, April 10, 2011



Have a posted about the wonders of hormones yet? They catch up with me at the funniest times. In the beginning it was every movie, if it was 0.000004% sad, I would cry. Bawl really and demand that Turkey Butt turn it off or skip to the next chapter. Then all of a sudden I could watch legitimately sad movies and not shed a single tear. Oh this is fantastic, I thought to myself. But I've got the sneaking suspicion that hormones are tricky little devils. Like "better" half, Morning Sickness. Just when you think things are mellowing out and *cross your fingers* getting better, you get sucker punched and end up vomiting across the toilet seat. Or in the case of hormones, you sneak a short visit with your honey while he's in the middle of working a double and you're so taken aback by how adorable he is that tears start to roll down your face at the thought of him going back to work. Trust me, it does get that bad. I should know. I just did it. No matter how much I tried to laugh at the stupidity of it, or how much Turkey Butt laughed at me, it didn't matter. The tears streamed down my face as I plotted ways to kidnap him and ask for ransom in the form of food from the restaurant that he currently works at. Which probably only made me more sad because I was in the middle of having one of my "Oh shit" i'm going to throw up moments. Seriously, everytime I need to vomit, I go "Oh shit" in a fairly monotone voice and hope I make it to the toilet in time. It'd be funny actually if it wasn't happening to me. Sigh. This is my life (but don't worry, I LOVE it)!

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  1. Oh, sweetie...my heart goes out to you! I so totally understand how powerful hormones can be, and I'm not even pregnant! And I hate nausea...ugh! Hang in there!!!