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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't have a clock to look at so when I rolled out of bed at 9:30, I didn't realize it was too damn early and I should keep sleeping. Maybe it was because I came out to find Turkey Butt getting ready to watch some random YouTube video on some random UFC fighters and even though I declined use of the computer, I did ask that he show me some love and he proceeded to watch the entire video (all 3 or 4 parts) before turning around and realizing that I had grumpily gone back to bed. Maybe it was because I'd spent the first of the week at my wedding location and I was downright bummed out about the prospect of getting married there. Nah, it was probably the fact that I'd been off work since Sunday AM and (in)conveniently have to return for an O/N this evening. Man, I hate working.

Whatever the issue was, it certainly didn't get better - for either of us. Let's recap:

-We had to run errands a few towns over and afterwards we stopped at McD's as I was seriously craving a berry pie. I specifically told Turkey Butt that I didn't want a chocolate banana pie or an apple pie (we've played this game unsuccessfully before), I wanted a berry pie of some sort. So he comes out a few minutes later with a proud little smile on his face. He turns to me and says, "They had apple pie and peach pie so I got you one of each" (insert big smile here). ARRGGG! I love the kid and he tries so hard to please me, he really does. But I'm really curious what part of BERRY PIE he did not understand. Sigh.

-Moving on, I've been in this long and frustrating battle with my car insurance broker. Long story short (ish), I was car-less and therefore insurance-less for two years so last year when I bought my Jeep my insurance was astronomical considering my driving record and the number of years i've been licensed. The only bright spot was that my (then) insurance broker told me that once my year was up, I could switch companies, get the coverage I needed to drive my residents at work (they wouldn't give it to me last year) and it would only be about $700. Imagine my surprise when my renewal comes in the mail and says, $1330.00! Now after a lot of phone calls and explanations, I've got it to a more reasonable $850 but that doesn't include the coverage I needed for work purposes (that would've been an extra $300 and so not worth it). BUT, then my insurance agent (the new one - who knows what happened to the one who made me all these promises) phones me back and says, "Did you know your license has expired?" Well, eff! I've only been driving around with an expired license since January! And believe me, had I of known, I would have been on top of this AGES ago! I went to Access NS (Canada's version of a DMV) immediately but on my way had an erratic driver swerve dangerously behind me, while on my ass and then give me the finger as I turned into the parking lot and he sped past me. GAH!

- And let's not forget poor Turkey Butt! He started a new restaurant job on Monday (we're STILL waiting to hear from the Canadian Forces - don't get me started). In his interviews leading up to him accepting the job he was told that he's guaranteed 40 to 45 hours a week and that they were bringing him in as Co-Sous Chef with a lady who already worked there. Cut to a few days into his new job and he's only getting 6 hour shifts, not a single person has introduced themselves to him in the kitchen or been nice towards him (one lady even threatened to "kick his ass" if he made her desserts look bad when he plated them), they do absolutely nothing to train him OR help him close (he was there til 10:45 last night even though the restaurant closes at 9pm because he was the only one doing closing duties), and today he overheard them making fun of him behind his back. So, thinking what a great, open and honest boss I have who told me to come to him with anything, Turkey Butt approached his boss about the disrespect and was told that the boss hadn't decided what his "title" will be yet so for now he can consider himself a Short Order Cook (the bottom of the ladder in the kitchen world, as opposed to the Sous Chef he was supposed to be which is near the top) and he'd better take what people say with a grain of salt because he (the boss) is not there to babysit. GAH! Does he not realize that we've spent almost $100 in gas this week driving back and forth to the new job (about 25-30kms away from our house) or that last night I spent half an hour sitting in a freezing cold car waiting for Joseph to get off work or that because I had to work at 11pm tonight and we had no clue when he might get off, Turkey Butt had to bike to work!!!! On a bicycle! And now he'll have to bike the 25-30kms back home tonight in the dark and cold and I hope it's not still raining. Soooo frustrating!

- On another note, I had my second prenatal appointment today. I'm down 3 lbs (stupid morning sickness) and I'm assured that my exhaustion will end soon (I sleep 12 hours a night and still need an evening nap and that's without working all week). I need to drink more water (such a chore for me, especially since the Brita always seems to be empty and I dislike the taste of our tap water). And sometime between May 25th and June 8th I should be going for my Ultrasound!!! Woot woot! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm kinda feeling like people are just assuming everything is okay as I've yet to be examined AT ALL. Not my belly, not my yoo-hoo, NOTHING! Small town doctoring is getting to me a little. Joseph has a friend who's girlfriend is due a week after me and she got to hear the heartbeat a few weeks ago! My Doctor says that we won't be able to hear it til Week 16 so I have to wait for my next prenatal visit. Grrr. For all I know there could be twelve babies in there (my stomach is certainly starting to expand - and not just in that nice first trimester thicken up kind of way). Ohhhhhh well. As you can see I'm stressed to the max. Throw in exhaustion, a sinus cold, and morning sickness and no wonder I wake up cranky.

Anyways, I know my posts aren't a positive or upbeat as they usually are. I didn't expect to be a complaining pregnant woman but sadly, this is a lot harder than I could have ever imagined. I can only hope that once the baby comes I completely forget about this whole period in time. Otherwise we're adopting the rest of our children. This is my life!

P.S. Just for fun, a picture of our soon-to-be new puppy:

She's pretty adorable isn't she?


  1. Aw, sweetie, I'm so sorry you're having a time of it! I have a friend that had a really rough pregnancy, too. I won't even insult you with a "Hang in there!" Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your new family. Cute puppy, btw!

  2. Awww, hate that you're going through so much crap! I miss you! Love you!