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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogging Slacker

I know I've been slacking lately. Considering I'm on vacation right now, you'd think I'd find the time to blog a little but that's not at all the case. Instead I've been enjoying the bumpy road that is the first trimester of pregnancy. I've been asking advice of everyone and figuring out the things that work for me. I've been spending time with Turkey Butt. In fact we just celebrated our one year anniversary and if you look back through my blog, you'll see it's been a busy year! My sister Aych and her boyfriend just bought their first house which brings me endless amounts of joy! Especially when their precocious cat Chubbs gets himself into assorted predicaments. Tonight while Turkey Butt was working, the dog and I went to visit my parentals. They're so much fun to spend time with - eating, debating, watching TV. I always hate to leave.

It's been a good week :) I just hit the ten week milestone in this pregnancy which means that Pumpkin is the size of a prune! It's truly amazing to me how quickly baby's grow in utero. It's also truly amazing how each and every pregnancy website has completely different milestones for week ten. But I take it all in stride and follow my gut - which is growing slightly. My boobs on the other hand are ginormous (and I don't care if this isn't a real word)! Turkey Butt and I have even agreed on a girl's name. We've loved the same boy's name since we first began dating and talking about future children but our names for girl's have been all over the place. One ten more weeks til we can (hopefully) find out the sex and share the name with the world! Cross your fingers that no one else uses my names before I get the chance to (that really would be a deal breaker)! Anyways, this is my life!

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