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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fast Food Burgers

Let me confess something to you. I am addicted to McDonald's hamburgers. There. I said it. Because of this addiction, I thought that perhaps it would only be fair if I ate burgers from all the local fast food places to see if McD's burgers really are the best. Turkey Butt decided to join me and compare the "healthier" options from each place.

First up was A & W. I was a little disappointed by the burger selection - or lack thereof. I could order a Mama Burger for about $4. That seemed ridiculous to me for one measly burger with just ketchup on it. So I decided to get the Kid's Meal instead - $4.49+tax for a baby burger, mini pop and mini fries. The burger was small obviously, but it was good. The bun was far too big for the size of the burger, but it was alright. Certainly no McDonald's but it was alright. Turkey Butt decided to opt out of this review because the A & W outlet we went to didn't offer salads (his healthy meal of choice at McD's).

Let's score A & W:
Burger - B
Price - C-
Healthy Option - F
Overall Satisfaction - C

Next up we stopped at Harvey's. Again I was shocked by the price of a plain old burger. In this case it was $3.99+tax. I guess one thing it has going for it is you get to pick your ingredients from a Subway-esque tray in front of you. This didn't have much appeal for me as I only like ketchup on my burgers, but for someone else it'd be nice. Turkey Butt inquired about their salad offerings and was disappointed by their one and only option - a BLT salad. Instead he opted for a veggie burger. He wanted me to mention that he was offered a choice between a white bun or a whole wheat bun. This was only offered for the veggie burger but it was still nice to know it was an option. Turkey Butt would also like to mention what happened when he went into this particular Harvey's location: I guess he walks in and the entire staff is sitting at a table in the corner. He stands in the front at the counter for a\few minutes and no one got up to serve them. He (probably not so politely) asked them if they were all on a break or if someone might want to take his order. Eventually someone did but clearly slacked at their job. The fries were soggy with awful smelling, old cooking oil and my burger was still very pink on the inside. So pink that I couldn't even eat it for fear of getting food poisoning.

Let's score Harvey's:
Burger - F
Price - C-
Healthy Option - C
Overall Satisfaction - F

Until next time, this is my life.

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