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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear Facebook Timeline...

Dear Facebook Timeline,

You are so annoyingly frustrating that I would rather be without Facebook than deal with you. Sure you offer us a super fun cover photo. I was really drawn in by that! You also let me decide what I thought was important and what could be hidden (though not deleted) from my timeline. Really, I think you had the right idea. What you probably didn't account for was the fact that everytime I scrolled so far down the screen it would shoot me back up to the top and I'd have to scroll through all over again. Sometimes I'd have to do it half a dozen times or more to hide one item from "Earlier 2011". Don't even get me started on organizing the years 2007 through 2009! After awhile I became super annoyed with my cover photo.

BUT you are no longer able to tell all of your 36 Facebook friends that your sweet hubby just made you delicious french toast for breakfast, you say. Sorry Facebook Timeline, but I can live with that! This is my life.

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