I just put an old lady's maxi pad through the wash and all I can think is this is my life...


Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedded Bliss.

So, it's official boys and girls, I'm getting married tomorrow :) The only bit of stress that I'm currently feeling is in regards to my two cakes and all of our cupcakes. Specifically travelling the hour from my cake designer's to the reception location with Turkey Butt and his big brother. But I guess I've just got to put my trust in them and laugh it off if my cake arrives in less than perfect condition!

Now I need to sit down and write in the card I made for my future husband to receive from me on our wedding day. I've been putting this off for such a long time. It's not that I can't think of anything to say, the opposite in fact. I have so much to say to him on this joyous occasion that I'm afraid I will forget something important. Ah well, here goes nothing...

This is my life!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope your day is simply wonderful! Can't wait to see pics!