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Friday, September 23, 2011


Since my maternity leave begins in T-minus 27 hours, I have been desperately seeking ways to save money. First I adjusted my student loan so that I pay $65 less per month. This means my length of repayment increases by two years but I can always adjust it again once I'm back to work! I also plan to call my financial institution on Monday to decrease my car loan payments - same results, but worth it. We also got a Costco membership a few days ago. We got the Gold Card Membership for $55 + tax and we got a $10 gift card for signing up too. Turkey Butt still isn't convinced that our potential savings will outweigh the initial membership cost but I am prepared to prove him wrong.

Here are some items that we purchased:

1.5L tub of Miracle Whip - $2.89 (for comparison, I found a 500ml tub of Hellman's for $5.99 at Sobeys)
1KG jar of Cheez Whiz - $5.95 (usually more than $6 for the smallest jar at Sobeys)
16 bars of Irish Spring soap - $6.59 (usually $4-something for a pkg of 2 bars)

Throw in the fact that we got $10 off our purchase with the gift card and I think we're doing pretty good so far! I look forward to going again, perhaps without cranky Turkey Butt, and stocking up on more essentials! This is my life!  

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