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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One month to go...

Yikes! Can anyone believe that my wedding is a month from tomorrow? I certainly can't! I am so beyond excited to marry the love of my life - but also a tad bit nervous that all the wedding pieces won't fall together in time. For instance, I still don't know what i'll be wearing. Yeah, that is kind of a big deal. I'm juggling a few ideas, hoping something will come through, fit me, and have that WOW factor I've been looking for. But alas, I'm not so sure. Also, there are so many last minute things to concern myself with. Like...

Where will I stay the night before the wedding?
Will it rain on our wedding day? And if so, how will we fit everyone into the cottage for the ceremony?
How will I get everything to the location in time to set up the morning of the big day?
Will Joseph's ring arrive in time?

But honestly, I know these are all minor details. I've said from the beginning that all I want is to marry Turkey Butt and have one good photo to show for the whole event. I know this will happen rain or shine, pretty white dress or not.

Here are a few of the smaller things I've been working on to ease my nothing-will-be-done-for-my-wedding tension:

(to be framed on our candy/dessert table)

(to go on our guestbook table - p.s. click the link if you've forgotten what our guestbook is like)

(our wedding program - it's being printed out on 4x6 photo paper and they'll be passed out prior to the ceremony)

(this was just for fun. i'm printing it on 8x10 photo paper and framing it to put on our wall with our wedding photos)

Anyway, this is my life!

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