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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Baaaack : )

Turkey Butt and I have finally caved in and gotten internet at our new place. Now I'm playing a frantic game of blog catch-up while Turkey Butt and Adora are in town buying boullion cubes (stew for supper, yum) and a smoothie for me! Just thought I'd take a short break from the lives of others to update everyone on the goings on here.

I am 31 weeks pregnant. Happy, healthy, well-loved and sporty a good sized bump of a belly! I promise to add photos soon. The baby is beautiful, at least that's what my OB-GYN said of her ultrasound! She is due October 29th and will be named Elodie Elizabeth (or Elodie Charlie Elizabeth - if my OB-GYN delivers the easy and painless labour that I've requested, haha).

Turkey Butt and I are still madly in love. More so every day! Even these crazy pregnancy mood swings and all the vomiting can't affect our love. You should see Turkey Butt reading Little Miss Elle a Mercer Mayer book before bed most nights! He's going to be such an amazing father and husband!

Speaking of husbands, can anyone believe that we're getting married a month from Thursday? I can hardly believe it myself. In the upcoming days I'll try to get caught up on updating everyone with more wedding details, like the reading I will do and the bouquets I have ordered for myself and my flower girl! It's all so very exciting and not stressful at all!!!!

Adora is still as cute as ever. Sadly we didn't end up getting the golden retriever puppy that we were promised (long story short - the breeder decided to keep her and didn't tell us) but it worked out well in the end anyway as Adora developped food allergies. Poor girl is allergic to either corn, wheat, soy or chicken (or some combo of all of the above) so we have to buy her specialty food made with lamb that costs an arm and a leg. It's doing wonders for her though. She's slimmed down really nicely and all her fur has grown back (she was pulling it out because of her allergies). Turkey Butt and I cannot wait to see how Adora and Little Miss Elle will grow together!!

Anyway, I should get back to my blog reading before my loves come home with treats! I'll hopefully be posting on here much more often in the future... Especially once I go on mat leave (ten more shifts to go)! As always, this is my life!

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