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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I cannot express how THRILLED I am that Lisa from Happily Ever After In Seattle (http://happilyeverafterinseattle.blogspot.com) has awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Seriously Lisa, I just did my Lotto 6/49 Happy Dance! I must say that I'm feeling a little guilty about not blogging more. Luckily Turkey Butt just texted me from work to mention that his co-worker wants to sell his computer. There may be more blogging in my future after all.

Now, back to the award. To officially accept it, I must tell you 10 things about me. I hardly know where to begin...

1)I created a Facebook account for Turkey Butt so that my account would say "In A Relationship With Turkey Butt". The other morning he woke up and checked his Facebook. I've created a monster!

2)I like... the sounds of ice cubes clinking in a glass, warm clothes right out of the dryer, cold waves crashing over my bare feet, hugs that make me feel secure, men in uniform, falling asleep at the cottage before the music is done playing, my crazy family, etc. Sadly, it was only hard to write this because all I could think of were things I like involving food.

3) I HATE plastic bags! Even though I always manage to forgot my reusable bags when I go shopping, I still refuse to take any plastic bags. Much to Aych's chagrin, I will carry my purchases out in my arms and purse. Heck, isn't that what super sized purses are for?

4) I think that my little cousin Missy Moo is one of the funniest people I have ever met.
Missy Moo, Age 3:

"Cousin Elle, why don't you poop in your panties?"

"Where are you from?" - Cee (Missy Moo's older brother)
"From Mommy" - Missy Moo
" Where are you from, from Mommy?" - Cee
"The fabric store" - Missy Moo

"There's toilet paper in my Regina!" (during a road trip back from Regina).

5) Due to our crazy work schedules, Turkey Butt and I spend more time cuddling with our dog than with each other. Good thing she's cute...

and only drools a bit!

6) While at a local amusement park, Turkey Butt won me a stuffed bear (Beary Manilow). It is so 1950's... and I couldn't love the gesture more!

7) I know which days of the week my favorite home decoratings stores get new stock. I'm typically browsing their aisles so often that I can pick out each and every new item.

8) Next week I will be moving for the 33rd time (approx.) in my 25 years of life. I thought that I was finally at the point where I was tired of all the change. Then I found out that Turkey Butt would like to apply for the RCMP in the not too distant future and all of those forced moves excite me. Guess I really am a modern day gypsy.

9) Instead of buying every book I'd like to read, I've started reserving them from the library. Of course it's just my luck that I'll go weeks without a single book coming in for me and then receive half a dozen or so at once. I miss out on reading a lot of great books because I don't have enough time to read them all and don't care enough to re-request them. I'm currently staring down a copy of the new Stephen King novel. 1074 pages, 6 days til it's due, and 3 O/N's and an evening shift are standing in my way.

10) My fish, Hey Batta Batta Swing Batta Batta (Swisher for short), lives in the dirtiest tank imaginable. It's honestly gotten to the point where I may just buy him a new tank, just so I don't have to clean it for him!

I only have one blogger I'd like to award. In the hopes of encouraging her to blog more, I award Schmange at ...A Snapshot of my Life... (http://lifeisfullofrandommoments.blogspot.com/) with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Love you Aye.

This is my life!

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