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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vancouver Island or Bust?

Turkey Butt and I have been thinking about the future. We are trying to determine where in this beautiful country we would like to live. Where we can find jobs we will love that provide the opportunity for advancement. Where we would be happy raising our children! After comparing the pro's and con's of many places, our collective focus seems to be on Vancouver Island.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled over much of the island as well as reside there for almost a year. Turkey Butt is just living through my memories at the moment. I've spent the last few hours collecting photos and links to my favorite locations(Canyon View Trail in Campbell River, Coombs Market, Murals in Chemainus, etc) so I can give him a visual tour. I'm also trying to find some really amazing restaurants that my little Turkey Butt can work in (Painter's Lodge outside Campbell River, Poet's Cove Resort, etc).

We're looking to head out there next May to Sept assuming we can save enough funds. Anyone with suggestions on great towns to live in, great restaurants to work in or even how much it might cost to drive cross country, let us know! This is my life:)

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  1. How exciting!!! And that puts you awfully close to my neck of the woods, ya know. ;-) In fact, I'm thinking of a Christmas jaunt up to Victoria this year. Perhaps we'll get to have that coffee and chat in person after all!

    Can't wait to hear how this all pans out!