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Thursday, July 8, 2010

86.5 Hours and Counting...

My excuses for not updating this blog in a few months are endless:

-I'm putting in an 86.5 hour work week;
-Turkey Butt's computer conveniently leaves out every third letter typed making blogging annoying not therapeutic;
-Any free time that I can scrounge up is spent with Turkey Butt & our dog, sleeping, with my best friend Ay or with Aych and the rest of my family.

My reasons for getting back into the blogging habit:

-Okay, there's really only one: I have a follower who isn't my best friend Ay!!!!

Welcome to my life Lisa! Check her out at:


Now as for the goings on in my life, there are too many to remember! But here's a quick (and completely random) rundown:

-Turkey Butt & I have not found the house of our dreams (in our price range) so we're still renting.
-My dream apartment became a nightmare 5 days in when we were informed that they were being turned into condos and we had only a few months to move out or buy them.
-I've picked up job number 3 to test my sanity even more. I'm working 12 hours a week as a Personal Companion for a dementia patient in a local Nursing Home.
-We're purchasing puppy baby number two soon!!! We find out in 4 weeks if our breeder's golden retriever is knocked up. If so, Adora is getting a little sister in mid-October :)
-Turkey Butt and I are still going strong. It's not easy and we work really hard at our relationship but our love for each other has never waivered. And, if all goes according to plan, I will be Mrs. Turkey Butt in the Fall of 2011 <3

Hopefully that recap will suffice! I'm going to attempt a nap in 30 degree weather (Celsius) with only one fan to cool me off and an overnight shift beginning in 5.5 hours. Wish me luck. This is my life...


  1. Okay, so I left this slightly ridiculously long comment on this post several days ago, and now that it's not here, I'm wondering if I pulled a stupid and forgot to press "Post" or something. Did you get it?

  2. No comments on this post. You did leave one on my A Big Step Towards post.

  3. Ha ha ha!!! Oh, Lisa.....more coffee needed, I think. ;-)